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Do reviews matter?

We can’t deny it. In today’s age of websites, social media, online search engines, and countless phone apps and other technology to access the internet, it is easier than ever to leave businesses reviews, good or bad. You just can’t get away from it.

So what is a business to do? Hound its customers for quality reviews? Scour the internet for bad reviews it has to combat? Where’s the happy middle ground? Many people will enjoy what a company has to offer and not think twice about leaving a good review. They don’t have the time, and when that time comes around they are past the moment. Then there are people who go out of their way to “bash” a company. I’ve seen it, just as I’m sure others have. You see a horrible review standing out in a sea of gratitude, so you click on that writer and see that they do nothing but leave bad reviews. “Oh, that person must just be unhappy…”

At Prestige Home Inspections, as I’m sure with many businesses, we relish positive feedback and the good that comes from word of mouth referrals, as well as a genuine “pat on the back” for what we do. We also take the not-so-grand reviews and try to turn them around, or at least learn how we can better our business and not make the same mistake twice. All in all, we appreciate our clients and do the best we can, review or not, to make sure our part in your home buying process is the best we can make it.


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