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Now we are in Hot Water!

Water heaters.

Such a simple device that brings us great joy when it works, but more often than not they are the topic of conversation as to "why did they do that??"

A newly renovated house, the smell of fresh paint fills the air, new carpet, new counters, new bathroom tile, and we either find the original water heater standing in a closet or the new water heater has been improperly installed. The draft hood helps connect the exhaust flue to the top of a gas fired water heater. Properly installed it will vent exhaust gases up through the roof, but in these pictures you see the installer left the draft hood on the old water heater he put on the back porch and decided to "just wing it" with the new water heater flue connection.

The Temperature Pressure Relief Valve is another common deficiency we find. There are many requirements for a TPR valve, and most are pretty simple, but combining the discharge with another drain line is not one that is acceptable. Sorry Mr. Handyman, you need to do better.

A properly plumbed safety drain pan is required, especially on interior locations, and serves a very important purpose. If the water heater leaks, the water has a place to go rather than all over your house. In this case the pan is barely big enough to fit the new water heater. The proof here is in the wet flooring under the install because one of the water lines on top is leaking and running outside the pan because it is touching the water heater. Problems easily remedied but unnecessary if the water heater had just been installed properly to begin with.

Never underestimate the value of a quality home inspection. Talk with your Realtor about what to expect and give us a call to help you make an informed decision about the home you are looking to purchase.

Old or new, there is always plenty for us to look at.

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