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The search is on!

Top to bottom inspections!

That's what buyers want. They want to know the condition of the home they're looking to buy. From sprinkler systems, to plumbing vent stacks, to abandoned 80 foot deep wells in the backyard of a home in the middle of town, we see LOTS of things! We not only report on items and systems required by Texas Real Estate Commission (TREC) to be inspected, but we also look at things you have a concern about particular to the property; like the abandoned well.

We offer basic maintenance tips we've learned through our training, simple upgrades, or even vendors we've been in contact with who can help with a particular issue or project. We try our best to make sure when we leave the inspection we've covered all of your concerns, our findings, and that you're happy with the information we were able to turn over. We're also available after the inspection to answer questions you may have forgot to ask at the time, or things you've come across that you're not quite sure of. We are part of your home buying process and we continue to support you long after we've left the house. No "tail light guarantee" here!!

Let us here at Prestige Home Inspection show you the difference. We're certain you'll be satisfied with the results or we'll make it right.

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