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Safety of your new home is paramount.

“What are your fears or concerns with buying this house?” That’s a question I ask all my clients. Why, you ask? Home inspectors are just there to “look around”, right? Not completely. At Prestige Home Inspection we believe we are part of the process to find you your dream home; the home to fit your needs; the home you’ll feel safe in with your family. We’re not “just looking” for the blatant issues most homes have, we’re also looking for safety issues that might be a concern for you, or might present an issue in the future if not addressed now. We look for areas or systems that could be upgraded to improve your quality of life once you move in, or ways to help you make your family safer while living in the house. We’re available after the inspection is complete to answer any concerns you may have. We’ve had clients call us months after the inspection to ask us maintenance issues that arose, or to double check what the report said and make sure they understand the next step in upgrading their home. We’re available to help as best we can. At Prestige Home Inspection we’re not a “One-and-done” type inspection company, we look to make connections that last.

In the first photo below we see a common find: a standard rooftop dryer vent with a screen installed. This was a 2 year old house and the vent was 100% blocked with dryer lint, esentially a fire hazard waiting to happen. The second picture is another common find: personal items stored on top of the furnace within the attic space. Not only is this a fire hazard, but the brackets, blocks, or straps used to suspend or support these units are not designed to carry the extra weight of storage items. Add to that the fact that this one in particular is a gas fired furnace and you're asking for trouble. Simple finds like these are commonplace for most inspectors, but not many people contemplate all the possibilities of danger that can exist in these situations. We strive to point out the "simple" so you can make sound, safe decisions in regards to your family.

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